A home’s ventilation system can be a breeding ground for rodents, spiders and other common pests to infiltrate your home’s air ducts and make a home for themselves.

Simple steps to eliminate pests

To prevent pests from being attracted to your home, it is important to seal any crevices and holes outside to prevent pests from getting inside. Pests are looking for warmth, food, water and shelter so it is important to keep your home clean and properly sealed.

Water leaks need to be fixed, unsealed food items removed, dishes cleaned and debris swept away. Crevices and openings in your air ducts need to be sealed as well to prevent pests from getting into the ductwork.

Pests can cause foul odors

One common complaint that people make is that they smell a bad odor permeating throughout their house via the air duct registers. This often happens because pests such as rodents, get into the ventilation system and leave traces of feces, bodily fluids and decomposing dead remains behind. The smell from these items can be carried throughout your home via vents and the pest pollutants are inhaled by home residents.

Pests can be bothersome

Spiders and other insects can get into air ducts with even the smallest crevices, and if the proper precautions are not taken, they can make a home within the air ducts. While they do not cause the physical damage to homes like rodents are known to do, they still pose a hazard to safety due to spider bites. Spiders can cause harm with their venomous bites, and even when they are properly exterminated, webs and dirt are still left behind in the air ducts.

Call the pros to eliminate pests from your air ducts

Dun-Rite Vac has the right equipment and expertise to handle these types of situations to ensure your ventilation system is free from pests, insects, rodents and other animals. A thorough air duct cleaning will properly dispose of pest remains and clean all parts of your ventilation system.

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