There are many signs that can let you know when it is time to have your furnace and ducts cleaned. From certain odors to seeing more dusts than normal, there are many things that can point to a dirty furnace or filter. Our team of professionals can help you whenever it is time to clean your system. We recommend a two-year routine visit, but be on the lookout for warning signs that you may need us to come clean your furnace and filters sooner. If you have small children, pets, or live with seniors, you may want us to come look at your furnace and air ducts every year to make sure that you have the best air quality possible.

Signs You Need to Have Your Furnace and Ducts Cleaned:

  • Your furnace is not keeping a steady temperature
  • Strange odors are coming from your furnace or air ducts
  • You are having to dust more than usual
  • Strange sounds are coming from your furnace

Unsteady Temperature
If your furnace is not keeping your entire home at the temperature that you have set your thermostat too, it may need to be cleaned. A dirty furnace can cause your furnace to turn on and off quickly and to use too much energy to warm your home.

Strange Odors
If you notice a stale, smoky, or musty smell coming from your furnace or air ducts, this means that it is time to clean them. Unpleasant smells can be embarrassing if you have company over, but they can also mean that you have bigger problems like mold or mildew. We can clean your furnace and air ducts so that your home has a clean and refreshing scent.

Extra Dust
One of the biggest signs to look out for is extra dust. If you notice that you are having to dust a lot more than normal, this could be because your furnace and air ducts are in need of a professional cleaning. Dust, dirt, pet dander, and other allergens can buildup over time. This can lead to these contaminants being spread out over your home when you use your furnace.

Strange Sounds from Furnace
If you hear a loud noise when you turn on your furnace, this could be a sign that it needs to be cleaned. You want to have a safe heating source, so regular cleanings are going to be essential. You want to make certain that dirty burners or clogged air filters do not damage your furnace.

We Can Help
Our team can help you with all of your furnace and duct cleaning needs. Call us today for more information or to schedule an appointment.