How often or signs you need your furnace & ducts cleaned?
Most of our regular customers stay on our 2 year recommended schedule, suggested by our senior furnace & duct cleaning technicians with combined experience that add up over 60 years of experience going out daily, Specially if there are small children or pet living in the home or elderly being a lot of time with having weaker lungs than the middle age person. There are many other signs your system may need cleaning.

What are some visual signs your system needs a certified cleaning?

  • Have you seen hair,dust, lint, fuzz stuck to your registers?
  • Are you seeing dust stuck to your cold air return register or vent?
  • Are you dusting way to often & still seeing dust all over everything?
  • Do you or anyone in your family suffer from recurring respiratory illnesses?
  • Do or anyone in your family suffer from seasonal allergies?
  • What is household dust made of?

Our Senior furnace & duct cleaning service techs find many thing in the furnace & duct systems, Some of the thing we see on a regular bases: Lint,Human Hair,Pet Hair, Mouse & Rodent dropping, Dead Mice,Rotten Food, Along with many other things that we see.

What about the stuff that is to small for our senior techs to see?
There are many things we clean in most home that are to small to see & these are the worst because when these airborn we breath them deep into our lungs to effect us now or later in life.

Test show that there is:
Pet dander,dead human skin,dust mites,bits of dead insects.