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Sanitizing the Air Ducts in Your Home

The air ducts around your home serve a dual purpose. They funnel either warm or cool air into each room, depending on the current season. These conduits are busy pathways, and most residents don’t think too much about their maintenance. Sanitizing your ducts is a service that may or may not be good for your home.

How it Works

Every air duct cleaning company offers a slightly different service when it comes to sanitizing air ducts. Technicians typically use one of three strategies, including chemical applications, plant-based liquids or ultraviolet-light services.

The technician applies a sanitizing option to the lengths of your ducts. There might be a drying process added afterward. You’re left with ducts that are completely clean of any particles.

Sanitizing is different than a standard cleaning. The sanitizing option actually kills off microbes and other growths. You might consider this option if you have allergy sufferers at home or run a business.

Removing Harmful Mold, Bacteria and Viruses

The main reason why you’d want sanitizing performed on your home’s ducts is mold and bacteria control. Your ducts cannot be cleaned in conventional ways. Many of their lengths aren’t easy to reach. It’s difficult for the professionals to reach the areas too. If there’s a good habitat for microbes to grow, air ducts are a perfect hiding space.

There might be some water trapped in the duct from condensation or a nearby leak. The duct is often insulated, which makes it a warm space where the water remains trapped. Mold spores and bacteria can easily reach these areas and replicate with astonishing speed. The growths create their own spores, which might sicken the household over time. Your air ducts simply move the spores across the entire property.

Extinguishing Those Unusual Scents

The average household will cook nearly every day. You might have a kitchen exhaust to pull those cooking fumes away from the main living areas, but grease and other particles will find their way into the HVAC system. You’re left with some unusual scents emanating from the furnace or air conditioner on subsequent days.

Sanitizing the ducts will extinguish those lingering scents. The cleaning process removes any grease or buildup along the surfaces. When you turn on the system next time, the air will be as clean as possible.

Looking at the Possible Health Concerns

There’s been some concern over health issues that might arise with sanitizing your air ducts. As the cleaning process progresses, chemicals might emerge from the conduits. These molecules can irritate the residents’ respiratory systems.

Think about the health of your family before opting for a sanitizing process. A simple cleaning may be all that’s necessary. Every household can make an educated decision as a result.

Work with reputable professionals who understands the sanitizing process. Research your choices before hiring anyone. The best technicians will evaluate each home for its candidacy and recommend a safe and eco-friendly treatment option for your situation.

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