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Protect Your Building’s Occupants

Improving the air quality of your business, commercial building or multi-residential building can be quite easy. All you need is a professional air duct cleaning company that can quickly and easily serve your needs.

Improve Air Quality
After a professional HVAC cleaning, occupants, employees and residents who suffer from poor upper respiratory issues may have an easier time breathing. Those who suffer from allergies may also find that their symptoms have greatly reduced. You can make working and living in your building easier and more pleasant than before.

Reduce Mold
Many businesses are subject to mold in their air ducts without realizing it. Since no one typically stays in the office for long periods–save for apartment buildings and condos–it can be easy to miss the signs. However, having a company regularly check your ducts for mold can ensure the health of your employees and customers.

Commercial Ventilation System

Keep Your Building Safe
A regular HVAC cleaning may reduce the chances of a fire breaking out. With dust collecting in your ducts, it can become susceptible to catching on fire. With a professional duct cleaning service by qualified technicians, that threat is removed.

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DunRite Vac Corp., Furnace Cleaning, Yorkton, SK

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Great service…fast and efficient… very knowledgeable. Logan helped with all the questions I had and gave great advice…. very accommodating as my mom had hers done after ours… would highly recommend to friends and family!


Great company, will be my go to guys! Great service for a great price. I recommend choosing them.


Professional, fast and detailed work! Would definitely recommend to my friends and family, and all at a reasonable price for the amazing service that they offer.


The booking procedure was quick, friendly and easy. Tyler out of Yorkton did the work and was efficient and very thorough! He was professional, kind to my animals, showed me before and after pictures and knew his stuff.


We had Dun-Rite complete services in two houses and we have been so pleased with their service. The technicians are very friendly and knowledgeable.


All around great to deal with! Friendly, on time, explain what they are doing, moved furniture needed and any questions or concerns they are happy to help.


This is the third time we have used Dun-rite, couldn’t be happier with the service they provide. The follow up they have in their process will ensure that you don’t get missed.


Once again great service from Dun-Rite. Recommended them to family after we had ours done. In the past couple months 5 family members had their homes done and all were VERY happy with the service, the technician, and outcome.


I have used Dun-Rite various times over the years. Always satisfied with the service. Just had them again. Very thorough, pleasant and knowledgeable. Would highly recommend them.


Thank you Tyler! Tyler took the time to explain what they do, takes before and after pictures and sends them to you… after all… seeing is believing.. and most important of all, he seems like he is a real people person – believes in and likes what he does.

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