The duct passageways transferring air to and from the house are not as urgent to clean and repair as the filters and HVAC unit, at least to the average homeowner. Maybe cleaning ducts never crossed the mind, or it crossed the mind but kept procrastinating on doing the task. Either way, ducts are too high to reach and too deep to DIY clean. Consequently, ducts are a primary source of dust, mold, dirt, debris, waste, and contaminants that cause allergies, colds, and asthma attacks to family, guests, and co-workers. Get reassurance that the ducts are not a health concern by contacting an HVAC expert to inspect and clean ducts.

The reasons residential or commercial duct cleaning with an expert is worth every penny are:

Energy Savings
Summer heating and cooling bills will be expensive, but the bill will skyrocket if containments are inside the duct vents, making the HVAC work twice as hard to pump air. Just one inch of dust buildup inside ducts will cut airflow down 30% from its average speed. The EPA states that .18 inches of dirt on coils will reduce efficiency by 21%. A duct cleaning will remove the issues slowing down its performance. An improved HVAC operating at its best will reduce bills down by about 21%.

Air Quality Improvement
According to the EPA, indoor air’s quality is 20% more contaminated than outdoor air quality, which is shocking. The reason is that the HVAC will blow dust, dirt, debris, and odor inside the ducts into the house. Removing those pollutants along with mold and bacteria will improve air quality and eliminate odors.

Reduce Health Risks
Ducts with allergens, pollen, mold, and bacteria cause watery eyes, stuffy noses, sneezing, coughing fits, and breathing difficulty. It aids in asthma, allergy, and respiratory flare-ups. Cleaning the ducts will erase the issues causing nose, eye, and breathing problems. It benefits everyone living in residential and rental and working in commercial properties.

Air Quality around Items
The lungs, nose, and eyes are not the only thing dirty air affects. Dirty air can land on your belongings, furniture, floors, electronics, and food. By kicking up dust from flooring, wiping off dusty electronics and furniture, and eating food left out on the table, you accidentally cause a second way to increase health risks. A clean duct will remove harmful pollutants much better than continuously dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, and cleaning everything.

Avoid being a statistic by cleaning the HVAC air duct with a licensed, bonded, and insured expert from a reputable company. A clean duct improves airflow circulation around the home or business so you can focus on pressing matters, tasks, and errands.